We make it happy

At the heart of what we do there’s the notion and desire to make people happy through food. We take this mission very seriously and professionally while always maintaining the joy of creation.
Ultimately, the food we create reflects who we are. It’s full of passion yet harmonious; innovative but simple in essence; surprising yet always comes together as one; colorful and beautiful yet familiar and close to its original form.
We’re loyal to our customers and to ourselves. We like being bold and original but we dedicate ourselves to the needs and aspirations of our clients. We are here for you.


Shmueli's Team

The people behind our food and creation make our catering what it is. We always say that one needs a very special and specific dna in order to be part of our team. Some may call us slightly crazy, but we just love what we do.

Ran Shmueli

Founder & Creative director

Ran enters a room/garden/hall and immediately knows how the event should look. His original “out of the box” thinking is manifested in his food but also beyond it – in fresh and cool concepts, in extraordinary esthetics and in precise results with extreme dedication to detail

Zohar Meron Shmueli

Founder & CEO

Zohar is the energetic and dynamic force that moves the company forward. As CEO, her passion for both food and people is reflected in the creation of personal and unique menus for each event and in seeing each client as an “only child” that gets very personal care throughout the process. She’s always right, so there’s no point in arguing with her about anything.

Tal Fifenbaume

Head Chef

Tal is a walking cliché; one of the most creative people we know with the most severe attention deficit disorder. He’s been part of the senior staff for over 4 years and is currently leading the catering forward with original and colorful food that is inspired also by his own personal love and passion for Pan-Asian and Middle-Eastern food.

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Want to Work With Us?

If you would like to say hello, or know more about us, drop us a line, we would be happy to answer you.